Is It Possible To Predict Lottery Winning Numbers?

by Morton Wig

All the lottery players have the same thought. These players think about whether the lottery numbers can be predicted or not. If yes, what will it be and what is the best way to predict these numbers. The wishful will say yes, while common sense will say no.

Once you have found out how to predict the lottery winning numbers, you can make use of it. Whether the web đánh bài trực tuyến, you can still study the previous results of the lottery draw. It can provide you tips on how you will come up with winning numbers for the next lottery draw.

Hold on to this, predicting the lottery winning numbers is possible, you are one step closer to becoming a millionaire.

The effective tradition to modern methods

There are methods of winning the lottery, from the traditional to the modern tricks, such as:

  • Birthdate combinations
  • Anniversary date
  • Previous result analysis
  • Numbers you dreamed of
  • Vehicle plate numbers

Are these methods effective or not? It is a question that many players are looking forward to. But, did you know that one of the luckiest big-time winners of the online lottery holds on to these methods? These are all free

Take note of this: Never use dates that are associated with bad luck numbers. For instance, the date of something that happened badly should never be used. The game of luck always stays on lucky dates, which means bad luck is not good. If you are a math wizard, you may come up with your prediction system.

It is a big help to increase the odds of winning when using lottery prediction software. However, most of the lottery prediction software requires payment, you don’t want to have other expenses of course. Apparently, there are two mathematicians studied out from this that leads them to two different conclusions:

  • Geometry of chance
  • Avoiding low figures

What is the Geometry of chance?

Renato Gianella, a Brazilian mathematician, studied the geometry of chance. It is about lotto numbers that follow a predicted pattern. The study shows that not every number combination comes with an equal chance to be drawn. The theory of Gianella puts forward winning numbers from the previous draws holding the discernible patterns, which informs possible number combinations that may come out on the next draw.

How to avoid low figures?

Dr. John Haigh, an emeritus reader in a highly reputable university has a slightly contrastive idea, which has a huge probability. John claimed that by choosing a number combination that is giving a total of 200, the chances of winning increase significantly. There is logic in the idea that the players must find out.

Both ideas can be applicable and are free, for those who are interested in lottery players out there, try this out! Scientifically, these are studied and well-balanced in terms of the ideas that come out in both studies. However, most players choose to use the second one while others prefer to have the first, which is the geometry of chance. If you are a lottery player, you can use both tricks to win in the lottery game.

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