Some Of The Funnier Things You Can Gamble On Around The World

by Morton Wig

Millions of people worldwide enjoy gambling, which humans have done for thousands of years. There is historical evidence that humans have played gambling games for a long time, and archaeologists have found evidence of dice games and other gambling games that are thousands of years old. People will bet on many different things, and some of them are downright absurd. Below are some stranger things you can consider betting on that may or may not show you an excellent return, depending on whether you win.

Betting On The Weather!

In some countries like the UK, you can bet on the weather, and a common bet is whether it will be a white Christmas or not. You can choose to bet on whether it will snow on Christmas day or not, and depending on how early you place your bet, you may get some excellent odds.

Betting On The Music Charts

You can also choose to have a bet on the music charts and predict which artist or group will reach the number one position in the music charts. You can also bet on which song will be number one at Christmas, common in countries like the UK. It is harmless fun, but you can get some excellent odds, so you may win big time if you select the correct musician or band.

Play Slot Games Online

Slot machines are massively popular worldwide, and you used to have to go to a casino or a pub to play these machines. However, with the advent of the internet, you can now play these games online without leaving the comfort of home. You can find slot websites such as, where you can play online and have lots of fun, but to some people, it is not the same as pushing the buttons and seeing the flashing lights in person.

Bet On Celebrity Deaths

Although it may seem gruesome to some, some people will bet on the next celebrity to die. Most bookmakers are willing to accept almost any bet, and if they do not offer it on their website, you can contact them to ask what odds they will offer. You can choose a celebrity you think will die soon and see what odds the bookmakers offer you.

Betting On The Next Pope

If the current Pope passes, you will find that bookmakers will take bets on who the next Pope will be. Some may consider it slightly macabre, but it is something that many people will bet on, and it has been done for hundreds of years. Each candidate will have different odds, and you can select which one you think will be the next Pope, and if you are lucky, you may win big.

The Sex Of A Royal Baby

You will also see a flurry of activity with bookmakers when a royal family member announces they are pregnant. People will place a bet on the sex of the child, and you can also bet on the name of them as well if you want to.

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