What are some of the strangest superstitions casino players have?

by Morton Wig

Playing casino games has been popular with people for many years. The excitement they deliver plus the chance to win money is a heady combination after all. The range of casino games that are available to enjoy also helps. This choice is especially wide at modern online casino sites which have numerous casino classics to try (like poker) and other more exotic titles (such as PaiGow).

The best NJ online casino sites all offer a variety of fun games to enjoy like this – for many players, world-famous Resorts Casino is the place to head. As well as plenty of cool games, this online casino has excellent bonuses for players and is simply a great place for online gaming. Any casino game you play will contain an element of luck and this has seen some players build up a range of superstitions over time to bring lady luck onside.

But what are some of the strangest around?

Wearing the same clothes to play

This is a fairly strange superstition which many casino players have used over time. It simply sees them wearing the same clothes to play after experiencing a winning session previously. This can include everything from putting on the same top and even the same underwear. This is a classic iGaming style superstition which attributes some kind of lucky effect the clothing brings to the player.

Avoiding 13 on roulette

In many cultures, the number 13 is considered to be unlucky and has a lot of superstition attached to it. This makes for some pretty illogical behavior around it in daily life and even when people play casino games. The strangest example is how many players will not place a bet on 13 when playing roulette, as they believe it to be unlucky and will not win. This is very odd because 13 has just as much chance of coming up as any other number on the wheel.

Standing to play slots

Slot games are one of the most popular type of casino title to enjoy. This is especially true online where the variety of genres and themes makes them a real winner. Many people have some strange superstitions when playing them though.

One is always standing up to play slots in the belief that this helps the flow of good luck come through their body and into the slot game. If people do sit to play, many will avoid crossing their legs because this is meant to inhibit the flow of good luck. While neither of these are among the best ways to improve your chances of slot wins, they do give a feeling of comfort to players.

Casino players have some strange beliefs sometimes

When you consider that playing casino games always involves an element of luck, it is perhaps no surprise that many players use some of the world’s craziest superstitions to help them. Of course, they don’t have any real impact on the outcome but do give those playing a feeling of control which can be helpful.

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